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This video explores the idea of time as irreversible and flowing continuously. In order to present this idea, I captured a lot of clips featuring circular motion and actions metaphorically indicating the movement of a clock. The continuous circulation of different objects from daily observation is also symbolizing thinking process and creativity as the human mind is turning to generate ideas. For instance, the popcorn machine is representing popping ideas in mind. Besides the collection of circulation clips, there are footages showing matter disappearing such as taking away cereal boxes from the counter, eating froot loops, and drinking coffee. There are also clips showing objects’ change of state: putting a straw through a plastic lid, shining neon lights, mixing paint, and washing paintbrush. All of the shots are combined with a rhythmic disco background music, which expresses the idea of quick flashbacks, snapshots, or scenes passing quickly in life that the eyes are unable to capture thoroughly. I also want to show how the present vanishes quickly without us being aware of what is actually happening when looking at something. The sounds used in the video are mismatched with the clips in some way to show a playful atmosphere.

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