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Founded in 2018, a project/small arts and design brand based in Taipei,Taiwan, exploring the creative process through the ritual of drinking tea. 


2020 Zine 【喝茶時間 tea time】

A6 Color printing
94 pages
Year 2020
Self published, Sensations Print

available for purchase at local Taiwanese bookstores: Mangasick, 鼴鼠Error22mole, Par Store, 万象, 田園城市, 暗渡Alchemy

2020 Thinking Tea Room at Taipei Art Book Fair & Window 2020 草率季

2020.11.13~2020.11.15 12~8pm

Inspired by food trucks in New York, a tea truck is designed as the display for the book fair. Limited zines, t-shirts, hoodies, stickers and key chains available. 


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