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find a text and respond to it. 

text: Shel Silverstein's poem "Messy Room"

Messy Room explores the idea of personal space. Having a space filled with personal objects such as pictures, art supplies, art books, and sketches gives me security while living or working in the room. An unorganized space shows time, memories, traces of busy moments, emotional expression and some kind of persona based on the arrangement of the objects displayed in the room. The video features random texts, various scenes of cluttered spaces, dialogues, illustration, body language, mixed audio effects, and jazz music, which contribute to the idea of chaos. This messy room not only presents the external side of a space in disorder but a playful place that also represents the internal side of my jumbled mental state. In addition, the setting continues to shift between an actual room, an imagined room, a public image on television, and a show stage, which created a fantastical vision that is another version of being chaotic. By peeking the room, the private space tends to reveal the chaotic or complicated process of how I curate myself as a person.

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