Sitting, stretching, sitting back. Screens, windows, back to screens. Rumpled, piled, scrambled. Sleep, sunrise, naps, midnight, back to sleep...


Daily routines seem like a matter of course, repetitive, dull, and unremarkable. However, these repetitions trembled in me, vividly and surprisingly attractive as my body moved through time spent with different spaces.


Room Pieces is a series of paintings about personal space. Personal space is a part of daily occurring, daily occurring is a part of the personal space. 


I think of personal space as an abstract space that allows self-realization, customization, and progression. The meaning of personal space is being reexamined through my observation of daily happenings, elaboration of self-portraits, the process of introspections and movements in between interior spaces, public spaces as well as surrealistic landscapes. 


The title “Room Pieces” not only refers to a series of works created within a confined space (my bedroom) or in quarantine throughout the year back in Taipei but memory pieces collected over time. The term “room” also indicates excess room for unlimited thinking, contemplation and time to spend with self. 

Room Pieces consists of four acrylic paintings and two oil pastel drawings on 16.5 inches by 16.5 inches canvases. The canvases were found in an old attic from years ago. The thickness of the canvases allowed more patterns to fit on the sides, which are like extensions or new spaces being introduced to the original works.

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CAKE 1.jpg