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This memorial is dedicated to one of the most influential Austrian artist Egon Schiele. By creating a memorial in the form of video and installation art, Schiele’s distinct artistic styles expressed in expressive figurative drawings and hardships experienced in life are presented. Focusing on Schiele’s strokes, lines on his figures, and color scheme, the memorial uses a large number of strings and fabric to create the texture. Twisting wires, hanging yarns, distorting the body, and moving on the rumpled fabric are representations of Schiele’s imprisonment, obsession with raw sexuality, difficulties encountered in his art practices, complicated love relationship, and daily life spent with muses featured in the memorial as a whole. 
Part I: Installation
The installation contains a big piece of fabric sewn with patterns reminding the audience of Schiele’s artistic styles and how muses often pose on the floor, a broken wire cage reminding the audience of Schiele’s landscape paintings, a hanging bodysuit sewn with patterns combined with another piece of wire cage showing body distortion. The bodysuit, representing Schiele’s female figures, is being trapped in the cage, which shows Schiele’s struggles through imprisonment due to being accused of drawing pornographic drawings in the late 20th century. Schiele was also unsupported by his parents about his passion for art since childhood, which was followed by his father’s death. Suffered from traumatic events, artist Schiele is being remembered as the vivid patterns are sewn tightly into an actual figure. 
Part II: Video form
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