Ingrid Lu

yi-chen lu

20. born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.

。゚˚˳༚。welcome and enjoy。゚˚˳༚。 

Ingrid (Yi-Chen) Lu, b.2000, is from Taipei, Taiwan. She’s currently pursuing her BFA in Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design in New York City. She works across paintings, sculptures, installations and video work that usually incorporates collages or mixed-media. Her work The Museum that Never Closes was shown on the cover of Huashan 1914 Creative Park’s monthly issue (October 2020). Plaid Time was recently included as part of the group exhibition “Bridge Hole.”

She started her side project named THE THINKING TEA back in 2018.

She rethinks the idea of personal space to self-portrayal by intertwining abstraction with surrealistic spaces, expressed through interdisciplinary forms of working. The colors and shapes in her works are rearrangeable and also exist as memories, emotions and sensations within spaces. She continues to investigate the meaning of personal space living under contemporary times.


2021 品牌合作 Earth Music & Ecology LOVE ARTIST 聯名系列商品 
 聯展 橋洞計畫 作品「記憶餐桌」 
思想茶店 草率季2.0·開天窗
2020 個人出版小誌 「喝茶時間 tea time
2020 聯展 夏日特別活動 土力帕水果行
2020 點讀華山 專訪「如果地球是圓的,我的想像力就沒有終點。」
2020 作品「不公休的那間美術館」刊登點讀華山 No.116 10月號封面
2020 台北當代藝術館實習/ 參與20週年門票紀念專輯擔任拍攝美術執行
2019 聯展 土力帕一週年派對
2018 創立合作企劃【土力帕俱樂部 THE TULIPA CLUBwith Angela Cheng
2018 創立特別企劃【思想茶 THE THINKING TEA
2018 第一屆台北插畫藝術節 系列「茶會 The Tea Party


2021 Collaboration with Earth Music & Ecology for Love x Artist Project 
Group Exhibition “Bridge Hole” curated by Off-Site with the work Plaid Time
2020 THINKING TEA ROOM project at Taipei Art Book Fair
2020 Self-published zine “ 喝茶時間 tea time ”

2020 POP-UP Exhibition Project TULIPA FRUIT MARKET
2020 Huashan Culture and Creative Park Interview
2020 The Museum that Never Closes was featured on Huashan Culture and                     Creative Park’s monthly issue for October No.116

2020 Internship at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei as Creative Assistant for             the 20th Anniversary Ticket Exhibition photo book
2018 started collaboration project THE TULIPA CLUB with Angela Cheng
2018 started THE THINKING TEA project
2018 Taipei Illustration Fair with the collection The Tea Party


(5)What's THE THINKING TEA about? (little intro)
A: a concept created back in 2017, talking about the relationship between the routine of drinking tea, creative processes and introspection...more explained in zine “喝茶時間 tea time”
I believe this routine preserves memories, time, emotions...whether you're with someone or yourself.

(1) BIRTHDAY 2000/10/07。゚.* °
(2) ALL UPDATES / BUY PRODUCTS on special project please go to @THETHINKINGTEA
(3)coffee shops recommendations 
A: woodensounds & garnet cru, La Crema cafe
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