Ingrid Lu

yi-chen lu

21. born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Ingrid Lu (b.2000) is an artist from Taipei, Taiwan, now based in New York. She thinks about making systems for introspection as a form of self-care by treating mixed-media paintings like mind maps. Her work was recently included in a group exhibition Three-Legged Crow at Latitude Gallery New York and solo exhibition Plaid Time curated by Off-Site Art in Taiwan. She is currently in her final year for BFA Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design.

My works are about making worlds and systems for introspection, often through making mixed-media paintings like the way mind maps are formed to notice or unconfuse the relationship between various memories, conscious thoughts, feelings, and even mundane daily happenings. I treat the mapping process like a diary or craft collage made as a child, which eventually turns into a method of self-care, buffering the living experiences.


(5) What's THE THINKING TEA about? (little intro)
A: a concept created back in 2017, talking about the relationship between the routine of drinking tea, creative processes and introspection...more explained in zine “喝茶時間 tea time”
I believe this routine preserves memories, time, emotions...whether you're with someone or yourself.


(1) BIRTHDAY 2000/10/07。゚.* °
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(3)coffee shops recommendations 
A: woodensounds & garnet cru, La Crema cafe
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